Travel Health Advisor Program

       *Exclusively for Healthnetwork GOLD Supporters*

The Healthnetwork Travel Health Advisor program protects travelers by providing international health guidance and personalized care when traveling or living abroad.    

All Travel Health Advisor resources are customized to meet each traveler’s specific needs. Whether traveling to a metropolitan or tropical destination, travelers receive a personalized report by Healthnetwork's Medical Director Susan Locke, M.D., with the most up-to-date information to address health questions or medical concerns.

The Travel Health Advisor report includes Information about the following items, based on your destination:

  • Global health alerts and current travel advisories
  • Immunization information and medication requirements
  • Options for emergency air transportation services
  • Embassy locations and contact information
  • Destination specific medical facilities
  • Pre-travel health clinic recommendations
  • Preventive health and safety tips
  • Travel health kit recommendations

The Healthnetwork Travel Health Advisor program ensures that travelers experience a healthy and productive trip abroad.

To request a customized Travel Health Advisor report, CLICK HERE. Contact Healthnetwork 4-6 weeks prior to an international departure.