Pediatric Care

Every child deserves a chance to be healthy. When your child is ill, you need the support of family and friends ... and a top ranked pediatric medical center. That is why you depend on Healthnetwork. We are here to connect you to the experts who can answer your questions and provide solutions for even the most complex cases. At Healthnetwork, we are passionate about providing the best possible care and attention to you and your family.

Healthnetwork partners with the most innovative, state-of-the-art pediatric hospitals in the country. Many of them are leading academic medical centers that allow us to provide you with the life-changing connections you need. Your child will be cared for by pediatricians who are among the best in the nation, and in some specialties, some of the best in the world. More importantly, they will be cared for in facilities specifically designed for the unique needs of young patients and their families.

Healthnetwork connects with experts who specialize in all children; from the tiniest of babies to teenagers. From sports injuries and gastrointestinal disorders, to diabetes and asthma, Healthnetwork will assist you and your child with:

  • Initial medical diagnosis
  • Expert second opinions
  • Chronic condition management
  • Second opinion appointments
  • Mental health or addiction treatment.
  • Customized medical research

A clinic visit or hospital stay can be overwhelming and stressful. Our pediatric hospitals are accustomed to the unique needs of children and their families. Family-centered programs should help make your child’s medical experience easier for the patient and the family. When your child's health is concerned - Healthnetwork has the options to get you to the best medical care in the country.