Hospice Care

       *Exclusively for Healthnetwork GOLD Supporters*

The Concierge + Program offers GOLD Supporters and their families access to world class hospice and palliative care through a partnership with Hospice of the Western Reserve.  For more specifics on the program CLICK HERE.

Hospice care provides patients whose life expectancy is measured in months, weeks or days, rather than years, with the unique experience to celebrate life, to be comfortable and to enjoy the time they have, however limited. We allow our patients to be in control of their care and live out their lives in dignity.

Hospice of the Western Reserve has a team of caregivers that wraps around the patient and the family. Team members include hospice physician, nurse, nursing assistants, social workers, spiritual care, pharmacist, bereavement counselors and volunteers. The hospice team works with the patient’s physician to provide the best care possible. Care plans are built upon the patients' needs and input from the family and carefully monitored and reviewed over time. Grief and loss counselors work with families before and for at least 13 months after the death of their loved one to help them move through the grief process.

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experienced the Hospice + Concierge Program

Early intervention is the key to reducing stress and providing quality care.  A special care coordinator at the Hospice of the Western Reserve can help you carve out a plan based upon just what you and your family needs and go over all the options with you.  Call Healthnetwork today for more information +1 866-968-2467.

For Palliative Care:

  • A symptom management program that provides in-home assessments and works with your medical team to provide suggestions for relief while you undergo treatment.
  • Advanced practice nurses, social workers and trained volunteers would be members of your team.  
  • This team provides transitional care for individuals with life-threatening illness and who want care at home
  • Services designed to make everyday living easier for both patient and family.

For Hospice Care:

  • A comprehensive care team will support you or your loved one and work with your physician. The hospice team includes physicians who are trained in the medical specialty of palliative and hospice care, nurses, social workers, spiritual care coordinators, art and music therapy, hospice nursing assistants, pharmacists, bereavement specialists and trained volunteers.
  • A dedicated crisis team is available to keep you in your home for care. Two dedicated hospice houses are available should your medical needs warrant inpatient care.
  • While Hospice of the Western Reserve serves most patients in their own homes, services can be provided in a variety of settings – wherever a patient calls home. No matter the setting, the hospice team will work together to best serve the patient and family.

Hospice of the Western Reserve is a Cleveland-based nonprofit organization.  They passionately believe that all families should have access to hospice services and have graciously offered to assist GOLD supporters with guidance to find outstanding hospice services wherever they are.