Healthnetwork International Services

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For Healthnetwork supporters who reside outside of the United States, Healthnetwork can offer the following assistance: 

  • Health Information Search 
    • Receive credible and relevant information about a medical concern from Healthnetwork's Medical Director

  • High Touch Facilitation of Medical Referrals within the United States 
    • If you are able to travel to the U.S., Healthnetwork will facilitate your appointments at top hospitals with international departments who will provide accommodate your needs. In addition, several of Healthnetwork's U.S. based hospitals also have affiliations overseas. 

  • Second Opinion/Medical Record Review 
    • For those not able to travel to the United States, several of our partner hospitals will provide a remote second opinion service. Medical information is exchanged via secure web portals and allow a patient to obtain a second opinion about a diagnosis or treatment plan from leading medical experts.
    • Hospitals will charge a fee for this service.