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“Healthnetwork is great - they found a physician for me when I called last year.  I gave them about a week’s notice that I would be in Miami and they had a specialist for me when I needed it.

I became a GOLD Supporter because I wanted to make sure my family would be able to use Healthnetwork services.  I feel it is important to be seen by the best physicians, and I am so pleased that Healthnetwork is able to make appointments quickly when we need them.”


Martin Chiriboga
YPO Ecuador
Chairman of the Board, Confiteca
Healthnetwork GOLD Supporter


As Tara put it, the appointments were “Great, great, great!  We left with so much more information and another team of doctors to go to if needed.”  Tara’s experience with Healthnetwork Foundation was phenomenal.  “I don’t know what I would have done without you!” Tara exclaimed.

Healthnetwork GOLD supporter Carl Vizzi has been a GOLD Supporter and firm believer in supporting the organization since 2007.  Never was he more grateful for the hospital connections Healthnetwork offers than when he daughter Tara was faced with a health issue. 


Tara Vizzi McDade,
daughter of Carl Vizzi
Healthnetwork GOLD Supporter

YPO Gold Northeast at Large

York Pennsylvania.