Scott Weaver

Healthnetwork GOLD Supporter

“I was actively sprinting on my bike enjoying the 25 mi/hr run, when it happened,” Scott Weaver explained.  Unexpectedly the chain on Scott’s bike derailed and he rocketed over the handlebars.  After a visit to the ER at Penn State Hospital Monday night he found out that he had broken his clavicle and surgery would be needed to fix it.  He left with the advice from the ER doctors that he would likely meet with the Trauma Surgeon on Wednesday and have surgery the following week.

At 2pm on Tuesday, Scott had not heard from anyone about an appointment.  He decided to call on his own.  The response he received was that they could see him the following week, and that surgery was scheduling out several weeks. 

“My experiences with Healthnetwork (HNW) proved to me that you have to be your own advocate or have a team of people who can help you, I have Healthnetwork,” added Scott.

Scott discussed his accident with HNW Medical Coordinator Connie at 4pm on Tuesday.  She quickly went to work contacting the liaisons at Johns Hopkins. Scott explained “Within less than 24 hours, I had a valuable second opinion appointment and from experts I knew I could trust.”

As a Vistage member, Scott had called HNW a few times in the past.  “The end result has always been timely access to excellent doctors who are very current in medical knowledge.  These are doctors who are actively changing current practices with their expertise and their experiences,” added Scott.

Scott shared another example of how Healthnetwork made a difference.  “A while ago I injured my shoulder. Fearing I had torn my rotator cuff, I was happy that surgery was not recommended.  I was told to keep the shoulder immobile which eventually resulted in a more painful condition called frozen shoulder,” added Scott.

Knowing he needed a second opinion, Scott called HNW.  He was able to connect to a leading shoulder specialist who recommended that he start a taxing physical therapy regimen.  “The movement was actually quite painful, but it helped rebuild mobility and strength in my shoulder and arm.  Had I started this therapy from the beginning, I could have had a much quicker recovery and avoided the secondary condition,” claimed Scott.

“I became a GOLD supporter because of the consistent good advice and connections I receive from Healthnetwork.  I have a great sense of responsibility for the families who support my company. I want to share the importance of having a choice of care with my executive team.  

It is so comforting to know that there are those hospitals like Hopkins where the depth of experience and knowledge is excellent.  They also tend to be very patient focused in their care protocols.  This really improves the patient experience. I hope by sharing my story I can inspire at least one person to become proactive about their health choices by affiliating with Healthnetwork.  When you have Healthnetwork by your side, you know that you will be able to choose from some of the best options for care.  That type of reassurance brings tremendous peace of mind.”

Scott Weaver

President & CEO, APR Supply Company
Healthnetwork GOLD Supporter
Lilitz, Pennsylvania