Paula Manning

Healthnetwork GOLD Supporter

Paula Manning has been an EO member for over 12 years, but much of that time she was unaware of the true value her Healthnetwork membership.   Then, in April of 2015, she had the opportunity to experience the phenomenal service Healthnetwork provides to its members.

Paula’s mother, Jeanice Manning, flew from Fayetteville, Arkansas to Houston, Texas to visit Paula and her family for the Easter holiday week.  While in Houston, Jeanice began to have dizzy spells and felt quite a bit of pressure on top of her head.  Jeanice thought it was a simple sinus infection, but didn’t feel well enough to fly home after Easter. 

Paula made an appointment for her mother with her local family allergist.  The allergist said she was fine and referred Jeanice to an ENT specialist. At that point, Paula called Healthnetwork to assist. 

“That’s when Medical Coordinator Laura started helping us,” Paula said enthusiastically.  Laura immediately contacted Houston Methodist Hospital and was able to secure an appointment with Otolaryngologist Dr. Richard Stasney within three days.  Dr. Stasney did a hearing test and adjusted Jeanice’s medications, but found nothing out of the ordinary.  He then referred her to ENT specialist Dr. Robert A. Williamson, who treats conditions that affect the structures of the head and neck. 

Again, Laura worked toward an expedited appointment and only one day later, Jeanice was in Dr. Williamson’s office.  Dr. Williamson spent time asking questions and examining the patient.  Within 15 minutes, Dr. Williamson diagnosed Jeanice with an autoimmune inner ear disease called Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo or BPPV.  Her mother’s classic symptom of dizziness was caused by loose crystals called otoconia in the inner ear. 

Treating BPPV is easy and involves repositioning maneuvers, a type of physical therapy that usually helps in the healing process. 

“My 83 year-old mother has a crush on Dr. Williamson because he diagnosed her within 15 minutes and immediately got her into therapy.  He’s her hero!” exclaimed Paula. 

“Our experience with Healthnetwork is unparalleled.  From the time we pulled up to Houston Methodist Hospital and valeted the car, to getting directions to Dr. Williamson’s office, we were treated like VIP’s.  The hospital location is very convenient, the overall service and professionalism, unmatched!” Paula said.

Paula and her daughter, Alexandra, also had an incredible experience when Laura assisted in scheduling an appointment for Alexandra at Texas Children’s Hospital when she had a viral infection.  Laura helped them by scheduling Alexandra’s appointment within five days.  Paula went on by saying Laura also helped a friend of hers, who had serious gallbladder problems.  Laura was again successful in securing an appointment at top-ranked Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio quickly. 

“I will never go without my Healthnetwork GOLD Support again, ever!  It’s such a powerful thing to have.  I was just blown away (by the service).  I hadn’t used it (Healthnetwork) for years but once I did, I will never go without it again!”  Paula said.

Paula Manning
Principal, Triad Resources, Inc.
EO member – Houston Chapter
Healthnetwork GOLD Supporter