Ocean Reef Medical Center Foundation

'I am not coming out of the operating room until she is fixed.'  That is what Dr. Matthew Walsh, Department Chair of General Surgery, Cleveland Clinic told Harold and Ellen Wells as they prepared for his wife’s upcoming surgery. It was the hope that gave them confidence to move forward.

For 8 years Ellen battled pancreatitis which often caused such discomfort that she would be hospitalized for several days. Living on a very bland and restricted diet helped, but she struggled to identify what would trigger an attack. She sought help from 3 well known medical facilities and had many ERCP procedures, but the attacks continued.

In March of 2013, Harold and Ellen became donors of the Ocean Reef Medical Center Foundation. Soon after they left Ocean Reef for the season, Ellen had 3 attacks in 3 months; each time she was hospitalized for several days. Realizing that this was no way to live, Harold called down to the Medical Center for advice on where to turn. They directed him to Healthnetwork – an introduction that would give Ellen her life back.

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