Michael Kady

Vistage Florida

“I became a GOLD supporter to acknowledge that everything went so well with Jillian.  She was attentive and provided so much information and was able to get me in – even with the busy holiday schedules.  It made me appreciate that for someone with a serious condition, the same attention, compassion and rapid access would be afforded when they needed it most. I can’t say enough good things about the experience at Cleveland Clinic Florida and about Jillian’s extraordinary assistance.  Very soon I will be back to driving and playing golf pain free.  Thank you.”

Vistage Florida Chair Michael Kady is an active professional business coach.  An avid golfer, he knew that when the pain in his hip got to a point where he could no longer ignore it… it was time for replacement surgery.

“Through Vistage Florida I am familiar with Healthnetwork Foundation; however, I always related their services to serious health issues.  I heard of members being helped to MD Anderson or the other cancer centers very quickly. It was clear that with a diagnosis like cancer, the speed at which you move past the diagnosis to treatment is key.”

Michael hesitated to call Healthnetwork believing that his surgery was elective.  When he called to make arrangements on his own, he learned that the wait time could be months out.  After making the decision to go forward with the surgery, he didn’t want to wait or postpone it.

“Jillian’s approach to my call was warm and welcoming.  She immediately put together information for me which included surgical options, hospital profiles, physician profiles and testimonials from members having similar surgeries.  Actually it was way more information than I ever imagined she would be providing,” Michael shared.

Ultimately Michael sifted through the information and chose to go with a local surgeon.  “Dr. Preetesh Patel at Cleveland Clinic Florida in Weston was high on my list of surgeons.  Many of my friends had gone to him with great results and I learned that he was also a recipient of a Healthnetwork Service Excellence award. All this convinced me this was the right decision and the fact that he was so close by – I could literally walk there after surgery if I wanted to - was the icing on the cake.”

“Jillian managed to get me an appointment with Dr. Patel and his Physician’s Assistants (PAs) within a week of my call to her.  Dr. Patel’s relationship skills are outstanding, his PAs were very informative and patient in answering all of my questions.  And believe me – I had a lot of questions, partly because of the information Jillian sent me.  Because of her, I was able to ask questions that I never would have known to ask,” added Michael.

Michael’s pre-surgical testing was handled quickly by the PA team.  Michael chose Monday for his surgery.  He had a morning surgery scheduled and upon waking up he felt no pain. He wiggled his toes to make sure that he could. And, after the nurse left, he lifted his blanket to make sure there was a bandage.  Bright and early the next morning a physical therapist was there to get him up and walking with a walker.  He was released later that Tuesday afternoon.

At home on Wednesday, there was something across the room that I wanted and no one around to get it for me.  Without really thinking about it I got up and walked across the room without my walker or cane. I was amazed when I realized what I had done. Every day I was getting stronger and although they were there, the walker and cane were not as essential.  My home therapist told me my recovery was better than they had ever seen,” Michael said.

At his post-surgical appointment, Michael was grateful for the time the PA spent with him explaining how the surgery was performed via his pre- and post- surgical x-rays.  They removed the bandage and patiently answered the questions he and his wife had. 

Michael went on to say, “Dr. Patel and his team are phenomenal.  You can tell he has a well-appointed team – their reputation is well known in South Florida.  His examination rooms have photos from patients who are skiers and it was clear that they work with active patients and get them back to their active lifestyles.”

Michael Kady

Chair, Vistage Florida
Weston Florida
Healthnetwork GOLD Supporter