Leslie Wallace

Boca Grande Health Clinic Foundation, Inc.

“I want to encourage others to not put off a health issue because you don’t know who to see.  Healthnetwork provides the confidence that with one call, you will be connected to the best there is.”

Leslie Wallace prefers to stay away from hospitals and professes to only go under duress.  While she states this somewhat tongue-in-cheek, she knows first-hand how difficult it is to find the right specialist.  Fortunately, as a donor to Boca Grande health Clinic in Florida, her GOLD Support enables her to get to the best physicians by calling Healthnetwork Foundation.  

For many years, Leslie has suffered from neck issues.  A MRI she had years ago indicated she had degenerative discs.  While in Vermont for the summer, Leslie called Healthnetwork and spoke with Medical Coordinator Pat K. about a referral in Boston, MA.   Within a day of speaking to Pat about a connection at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Leslie was in touch with Suzanne, a liaison who would be helping her with the appointments.   Suzanne was able to coordinate an appointment with the Chairman of the Orthopedic Surgery Dr. James Kang during a time when Leslie would be travelling in Boston.  

“Suzanne was so accommodating.  She was tremendously responsive and went above and beyond to make sure I had precise directions on where to go and how to get there.  I don’t know if I received extra attention because of Healthnetwork, but I can tell you I really appreciated it,” Leslie added.  When she arrived early at Brigham, Leslie was able to go straight to get an X-ray.  She was an hour early to meet with Dr. Kang, and he saw her right away and spent considerable time with her and her husband, Patrick. 

“Patrick and I were so impressed with Dr. Kang.  You could tell he was very knowledgeable and that he was a ‘straight shooter.’  He explained that there are 6 discs in the cervical spine that now show evidence of degeneration.  Even though he is a surgeon, he was quick to point out that surgery is not usually an option and injections carried risks and were not a guaranteed solution, as well as ability to isolate the disc creating the pain.  Unfortunately, the neck/spine are not like joints that can be replaced, vertebrae require different solutions,” Leslie said.

Dr. Kang prescribed physical therapy to strengthen the neck muscles and suggested anti-inflammatory drugs before and after certain physical activities, like golf.

“It is impressive to see the Brigham & Women’s campus and its physical connections to Dana Farber Cancer Center and Boston Children’s Hospital.  Fortunately, Healthnetwork has a relationship there that makes great care easily accessible,” claims Leslie. 

Leslie & Patrick Wallace
Boca Grande, Florida
Healthnetwork GOLD Supporter