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When Local Care Isn't Enough ...

One call to medical coordinator Laura Pike and Jim’s nephew had an appointment at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL. Within a couple of days, eight doctors from different medical disciplines all convened in his room. As a team, they evaluated his history, assessed his condition, ordered tests, analyzed results, debated diagnoses and, eventually, developed a plan. Jim says, “To have that level of expertise in one room at one time gives you confidence that you’re getting the very best care.”

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Jim Barnes
Winter Park, Florida
Healthnetwork GOLD Supporter
YPO Gold Florida

In January I was skiing in New Mexico and noticed I was having issues with my left eye.  Concerned, I went to an ophthalmologist there who told me I was ok for now and should follow up once I got back to home.  My eye doctor gave me a diagnosis and told me my condition could be caused by a tiny blood clot.  He also recommended that I may want to eventually see a retinal arterial specialist.

Not being a patient man, I called Healthnetwork for options.  My medical coordinator Jillian told me of two great options – Cleveland Clinic and Johns Hopkins, who are both highly ranked in Heart and Ophthalmology.  She did a great job explaining my options and all my interactions with her were highly professional.  Ultimately, I chose Johns Hopkins and within less than 1 week I had an appointment.

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Ted Nixon
Louisville KY
Healthnetwork GOLD Supporter
CEO Member | YPO Gold Bluegrass