Healthnetwork GOLD Supporters

“I became a GOLD supporter because of the consistent good advice and connections I receive from Healthnetwork.  I have a great sense of responsibility for the families who support my company. I want to share the importance of having a choice of care with my executive team.  

It is so comforting to know that there are those hospitals like Hopkins where the depth of experience and knowledge is excellent.  They also tend to be very patient focused in their care protocols.  This really improves the patient experience.

I hope by sharing my story I can inspire at least one person to become proactive about their health choices by affiliating with Healthnetwork.  When you have Healthnetwork by your side, you know that you will be able to choose from some of the best options for care.  That type of reassurance brings tremendous peace of mind.”


Scott Weaver
President & CEO, APR Supply Company
Healthnetwork GOLD Supporter
Lilitz, Pennsylvania

“Our experience with Healthnetwork is unparalleled.  From the time we pulled up to Houston Methodist Hospital and valeted the car, to getting directions to Dr. Williamson’s office, we were treated like VIP’s.  The hospital location is very convenient, the overall service and professionalism, unmatched!  I will never go without my Healthnetwork GOLD Support again, ever!  It’s such a powerful thing to have.  I was just blown away (by the service).  I hadn’t used it (Healthnetwork) for years but once I did, I will never go without it again!””


Paula Manning
Principal, Triad Resources, Inc.
Houston, Texas
Healthnetwork GOLD Supporter

"I have been a GOLD Supporter for years and value the life changing connections Healthnetwork provides.  I am appreciative beyond words. You came through for me and totally delivered what you have always said you would. In the past, you helped my father-in-law find the one doctor in the country located at the University of Michigan Medical Center, when he had a life threatening challenge and was dying.  This connection gave him 10 additional years with us.  And you’re caring and connections for my sister-in-law who is afflicted with ALS has also been outstanding while her family is coping with this awful disease. 

Healthnetwork is very important to me and to my families’ wellbeing. As I counted on you in the past, you can count on me for continued support.”


Barry Alpert
Senior Vice President, Investments,Raymond James & Associates, Inc.
North Redington Beach, Florida
Healthnetwork GOLD Supporter