Entrepreneurs' Organization

I am so blessed to be part of EO and have access to Healthnetwork.  Last month at one of our EO meetings, Healthnetwork came up.  Several members were unsure of how Healthnetwork helps.  I gave out the phone number for Healthnetwork and made each one of them add it to their contact lists on their phones.  I told them you never know when you will need it, but you will be so relieved to have it, trust me.

Turning 50 is a milestone to be celebrated. EO member Michael Reade marked the occasion with an executive physical that Healthnetwork coordinated at Houston Methodist Hospital.  “That was seven years ago, and fortunately I haven’t had health issues that warranted a call to Healthnetwork until this year.  Now within the past year, on three different occasions, the Healthnetwork has come to our aid, and I could not be more appreciative of their assistance,” Michael adds.


Michael Reade

Owner, Northshore TX State Optical
EO Member & Healthnetwork GOLD Supporter

Paula Manning has been an EO member for over 12 years, but much of that time she was unaware of the true value her Healthnetwork membership.   Then, in April of 2015, she had the opportunity to experience the phenomenal service Healthnetwork provides to its members.

“Our experience with Healthnetwork is unparalleled.  From the time we pulled up to Houston Methodist Hospital and valeted the car, to getting directions to Dr. Williamson’s office, we were treated like VIP’s.  The hospital location is very convenient, the overall service and professionalism, unmatched!” Paula said.


Paula Manning

Principal, Triad Resources, Inc.
EO member – Houston Chapter
Healthnetwork GOLD Supporter