Barry Alpert

Our ability to see is fundamental.  Without sight, your entire life is dramatically changed – a challenge one of Healthnetwork’s GOLD Supporter faced recently.  A doctor who had been treating Barry Alpert’s glaucoma raised a red flag by suggesting Barry see a neuro-ophthalmologist.  The eye specialist feared that he had a rare complication called chronic relapsing inflammatory optic neuropathy which could cause blindness.

Barry’s diagnosis came about because of a blood test result confirming that he had the antibody leading to this disorder.  There was only one company who performed the test in the country and it took 6 weeks to get the results. 

“This diagnosis was very hard to hear and it lead to many sleepless nights,” Barry added. The two best specialists in the country who treated this disorder were at Mayo Clinic. He called the only experts he knew would deliver the connections he needed – Healthnetwork Foundation. 

“Jillian was able to make the connection to Sean Pittock, MD, Mayo Clinic Neurologist and Jacqueline Leavitt, MD, Mayo Clinic Ophtha-Neurologist.  I knew I could not have gotten appointments to see them as fast as Healthnetwork made happen.  With a diagnosis such as I was presented with … every day mattered.  Jillian secured appointments for me within a week.” said Barry.

I spent a week with the Mayo experts and had many CT scans, blood tests, MRIs.  They also did their own tests to verify the original diagnosis.  This team is currently working on their own technology to help others, like me, who faced this diagnosis.

“After all the tests came back from Mayo, they told me the original test must have been a “false positive result”.  I was not going blind! They adjusted my medications, and overall the relief and the confidence I have in these physicians is incredible.  I have been a GOLD Supporter for years and value the life changing connections Healthnetwork provides.  I am appreciative beyond words. You came through for me and totally delivered what you have always said you would.  In the past, you helped my father-in-law find the one doctor in the country located at the University of Michigan Medical Center, when he had a life threatening challenge and was dying.  This connection gave him 10 additional years with us.  And you’re caring and connections for my sister-in-law who is afflicted with ALS has also been outstanding while her family is coping with this awful disease. 

As you can see, Healthnetwork is very important to me and my families’ wellbeing. As I counted on you in the past, you can count on me for continued support.”

Barry Alpert
Senior Vice President, Investments
Raymond James & Associates. Inc.
North Redington Beach, Florida
Healthnetwork GOLD Supporter