Planned Giving


The act of giving comes naturally to some. But giving effectively is not always easy. From local needs to global initiatives…as your charitable giving grows, so too does the importance of managing the allocation and distribution of charitable funds.  Healthnetwork can provide guidance with the following:

Wills and Living Trusts- By naming Healthnetwork in your will, you can retain full use of your gift property during your life while supporting our mission of improving medicine for everyone. Healthnetwork will work with you and your family, your family foundation and your trusted advisors to channel gifts to the philanthropic initiatives of your choice.

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)- An IRA is one of the most tax-efficient assets available for philanthropy. Naming Healthnetwork as a beneficiary or contingent beneficiary of your IRA helps those you love avoid the burden of double-taxation on these accounts.  More interest equals a wealthier retirement.

Life Insurance- For some people, purchasing a life insurance policy and naming Healthnetwork as the owner and beneficiary allows them to make a much larger gifts.

Tributes- For those who wish to donate in honor of others and/or in tribute to their lives, we can make special arrangements for them.

 For more information about these major gift giving programs, please contact Dawn Clark at +1 440 264-1926.