Healthnetwork Philanthropy

Healthnetwork Foundation's philanthropic partnerships with individuals, corporations and organizations advance Healthnetwork’s programs, patient support services, and medical research initiatives. Working closely with hospital and donors regarding their philanthropic priorities, Healthnetwork creates customized giving plans that yield long-lasting benefits for all patients.

When considering a philanthropic contribution, Healthnetwork provides you with the right information to help you decide on your intended impact, time horizon, giving approach and resource allocation (whether contributing time, money, or expertise). We listen. We ask questions. We leverage deep relationships within our broad network of top U.S. hospitals. And we act upon your vision with clarity of purpose and seamless execution.

As a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization, we are grateful for the ongoing support we receive from our donors, and we welcome generous and philanthropic contributions at every level.

Advancing Research: Improving Medicine for All

In collaboration with 50+ top-ranked U.S. hospitals, Healthnetwork’s annual Service Excellence Award donation funds the efforts of leading medical researchers aspiring to give all patients the most scientifically advanced treatments. Throughout its history, Healthnetwork has made significant contributions to over 35 different medical specialties and provided funding for new patient support services, medical treatments, and clinical initiatives.

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