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clientuploads/Website Photos/About Us Photos/family2-2.jpgYour health and the health of your family are vitally important. When facing a health challenge, you want elite care. You’d also like to help advance medical breakthroughs for all patients. Healthnetwork enables you to accomplish both…. 


Healthnetwork Foundation’s mission is to improve medicine for all by connecting business leaders with leading hospitals to provide the best access to world class medical care and increase philanthropic funding for medical research. This unique nonprofit model has been in place for nearly a quarter of century. Currently, over 40,000 executives have access to Healthnetwork’s rapid high touch advocacy and coordination at more than 40 of the most highly ranked medical centers.  

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Finding Answers; Immediate Access to Care

When faced with a medical issue, Healthnetwork offers the certainty of more options from top hospitals, better opportunities to ask questions of noted experts and the reassurance of knowing you made the right choice. Every day, Healthnetwork Medical Coordinators assist our Supporters in various ways.

  • All Health Issues, including Cancer, Cardiovascular, Digestive, Neurological, Orthopedic and Urological
  • Pediatric Specialists
  • Mental Health | Addiction Treatment Services
  • Prevention and Wellness Resources, including Executive Health and Travel Health Advisor reports

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MAKING MEDICINE BETTER FOR ALL |  Funding Medical Excellence | Compassionate Care

Healthnetwork’s annual Service Excellence Award donations have funded the efforts of over 112 leading medical researchers across 35 specialties who aspire to give all patients the most scientifically advanced treatments. Our generous supporters and Healthnetwork Foundation have provided donations of over $65+ Million in support of our mission to make medicine better for all.


HEALTHNETWORK GOLD SUPPORTDonating to Improve Medicine | For You and the Families Who Follow

Healthnetwork GOLD Supporters value their health options, the access to high ranking hospitals and the importance of giving to medical research – making medicine better for all. They are a generous group of thoughtful individuals who understand the value of supporting the long-range sustainability of the Foundation that made such a positive difference in their lives--their benevolence today will enable Healthnetwork to facilitate high touch VIP healthcare access for their generation and the generations that follow.  We welcome you to join in Healthnetwork’s tradition of giving.